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Skies of Arizona (Not Quite Arcadia, But Close)

Travails of a Novice Birder

Miwa Satoshi
18 July 1979
External Services:
  • miwaslifelist@livejournal.com
This is the birding LJ of miwasatoshi. Anyone interested in topics other than birdwatching is advised to go there.

The actual life list is located here. It is in chronological order, and will be updated as new species are seen.

Miwa Satoshi is not my real name and I am not Japanese (though I am semi-fluent in that language) - the name is that of a character from the 1994 Japanese comic and animated television series Marmalade Boy. I tend not to use my real name online, though if you ask very nicely, I will tell you. Or you can check the Arizona/New Mexico birding list. ^_^

This is a publicly viewable journal. However, anonymous comments have been permanently disallowed due to unwelcome "comment-spamming" traffic from adult websites. (Hawking porn on a birding blog? Oy gevalt!) Therefore comments are limited to registered LJ users only. However, I will be including an e-mail address shortly (though appropriately mangled to avoid web spiders and spammers).

This LJ is linkfree - if you wish to friend me or send a link here, please feel free to do so. If you have a birding journal, please leave a comment here and I will link you (LJ users to the friends list, non-LJ users to the info page).

Mailing Lists I belong to:

[birdwg05] - Arizona, New Mexico
[kantoribirds] - Japan
[orientalbirding] - Asia
[youngbirders] - North America under-30s (See Logan run. Run, Logan, run!)


All statistics have been reset as of October 20, 2003. Sightings of birds prior to this date have not been factored into this life list except as italicized "old records".

The first 100 birds were found largely without the aid of any optics -- this has been remedied by some very good friends over Christmas 2003.

When I actually start paying attention to such matters, I will provisionally be using the taxonomic order from the Handbook of the Birds of the World (HBW), though I am open to suggestion from those in the know (ie whatever gets accepted from Sibley & Monroe etc, changes to AOU and ABA lists, etc etc). When obviously not in taxonomic order (ie. warbler before grebe), birds are listed primarily in order of appearance (ie what I see first) or alphabetically.

Anyone interested in folk more experienced or better equipped than myself is referred to birdlovers or the following locations:

Regional Mailing Lists and RBAs

AZNM mailing list - includes RBAs for Southern Arizona and New Mexico

RBA for Central Arizona is inactive -- refer to AZNM for current bird alerts for that area.

Arizona Birders, Bird Guides, and Bird Photographers

NOTE: I do not personally know most of these people - I merely surf their websites. ^_^

(Met Rich Ditch 14 Dec 2003 @ Boyce Thompson)

Arizona Bird Committee (maintained by Gary Rosenberg)

Henry Detwiler (Yuma)
Rich Ditch (Phoenix)
Richard Fray (Tucson)
Stuart Healy (Sierra Vista)
Melody Kehl (Tucson)
Earle Robinson (Phoenix)
Mary Scott (Arivaca)

Also, search "birding" and "arizona" at http://www.google.com.

Other Birding and Bird Photography Websites

Seabrooke Leckie (Ontario, Canada)
Joe Morlan (California)
Laurence Poh (Malaysia)
Don Roberson (California)
Bill Schmoker (Colorado)
Matt Victoria (New York)

Also, be sure to check the links pages of all these sites for other birders and bird photographers. This list will expand as time goes on -- there are a lot of birds out there, and a lot of people with the talent for finding them and capturing them on film. ^_^


Current Inventory

[Field Guides / Reference]
The Sibley Guide to Birds by David Allen Sibley (2000) (water-damaged)
Birds of North America: Western Region by Fred J Alsop III (2001)
Advanced Birding by Kenn Kaufman (1999)
*The Sibley Field Guide to Birds of Western North America by David Allen Sibley (2003)

[Optical Equipment]
Bushnell 8x40 Natureview Birder ACQUIRED January 2004 STOLEN March 2004
*Bushnell 10x25 Powerview (aka "Backup") ACQUIRED March 2004
Carson Apex 10x25 WA Compact Binoculars (aka "Backup II") ACQUIRED December 2004 BROKEN May 2005
*Tasco 10x40 Platinum (aka "First String") ACQUIRED May 2005

[Photographic Equipment]
digital camera ^_^ specs later


Total "Countable" Species per ABA rules: 401

Outside AOU/ABA Region: 66
Japan: 66
- Hiroshima Prefecture: 59
- Shimane Prefecture: 31
- Yamaguchi Prefecture: 18
- Chiba Prefecture: 6

AOU Region: 347
ABA Region: 323
- Arizona: 293
-- Maricopa County: 229
-- Cochise County: 135
-- Pinal County: 124
-- Santa Cruz County: 107
-- Coconino County: 92
-- Pima County: 72
-- Yavapai County: 49
-- Gila County: 28
-- Apache County: 10
-- La Paz County: 4
- California: 97
-- Orange County: 58
-- San Luis Obispo County: 39
-- Alameda County: 19
-- Santa Clara County: 19
-- Los Angeles County: 18
-- San Francisco County: 17
-- Santa Barbara County: 14
-- Riverside County: 9
-- Ventura County: 7
-- Monterey County: 5
-- San Benito County: 2
- New Mexico: 56
-- Bernalillo County: 47
-- Hidalgo County: 16
-- McKinley County: 7
-- Cibola County: 4
- Hawaii: 34
-- Hawaii County: 34

"Countable" Introduced Species Included: 6 -- Rock Pigeon, Spotted Dove, Eurasian Collared-Dove, Peach-faced Lovebird***, House Sparrow, European Starling

***Peach-faced Lovebird is not actually technically countable, but it is approaching the ten-year mark of having a sustainable breeding population in Arizona, and may become an ABA countable species in the next 10-15 years, maybe sooner, pending more work. I consider this to be a listable bird on escrow.

When applicable, birds are given in the following name order: English / Japanese / Latin

Milestones Reached:
#1: Great-tailed Grackle, 20 Oct 2003, Tempe AZ USA
#50: Northern Pintail, 12 Nov 2003, Phoenix AZ USA
#100: Black-Bellied Whistling-Duck, 14 Dec 2003, Scottsdale AZ USA
#150: Western Screech-Owl, 23 May 2004, Phoenix AZ USA
#200: Common Yellowthroat, 14 Aug 2004, Wickenburg AZ USA
#250: Lesser Cuckoo, 25 May 2005, Hiroshima HIR Japan
#300: Green-tailed Towhee, 23 Jul 2005, Flagstaff AZ USA
#350: Violet-crowned Hummingbird, 1 Jun 2006, Patagonia AZ USA
#400: Cackling Goose, 19 Dec 2006, Goodyear AZ USA

Last Species Added:

Re-Additions (on life list prior to Oct 2003)
Cackling Goose, 19 Dec 2006, Goodyear, AZ, USA

New Additions (completely new to life list)
Northern Saw-whet Owl, 4 Jan 2007, Tempe, AZ, USA